The Experiences of Our Employees

Initiative Matters at Bittium

Björn Andersson works as a senior specialist at Bittium's office in Espoo. He appreciates the freedom Bittium gives to its employees. Björn believes that it is the good team spirit that makes workers stay at Bittium for many years.

Different Projects Offer International Tasks for a RF-Designer (Video in Finnish)

RF-Designer's work at Bittium can take you to different countries and continents. Kaisa Kurenniemi has been able to travel around the world for her work. Depending on the project, travelling opportunities and international working tasks are very versatile.

Employees Are Highly Appreciated at Bittium (Video in Finnish)

Veikko Rytivaara has worked at Bittium for three years. He works in Oulu, where the company was created. New headquarters were taken in 2017. Veikko says that the employees are highly appreciated at Bittium.

Bittium Is a Flexible Employer (Video in Finnish)

Niina Mäkinen studies, works and plays ice hockey in Oulun Kärpät. When managing a challenging package, employer flexibility is emphasized. Bittium is a company where, thanks to the good work community and functioning working methods, it is possible to combine work with competitive sports and studies.

At Bittium, You Can Feel That Your Work Truly Matters (Video in Finnish)

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering Janne Mustaniemi is currently working at Bittium as a thesis worker. He thinks that the best thing about working at Bittium is the attitude of doing at the workplace and the fact that it is possible to develop quickly at work.

Endless Possibilities to Develop the Technology of the Future

Top expertise within our field ensures that our customers trust us when they need products and solutions for the needs of health care and nursing, official authorities, defence organizations, telecommunications operators and equipment manufacturers.

Personnel 2023

R&D Engineers 450
Average Age 46
Work Years at Bittium 11
Women 14%
Master's or Bachelor's Degree 79%
Training Days 2214
Training Days / Person 5.2