Employee Value Proposition

Real Work

We give you more than just new challenges - we give you real work where you get to solve problems.

The word ‘engineer’ is often used of a person who is punctual, practical and matter-focused and who immediately tries to offer a solution when they detect a problem or the chance to do something better. We appreciate that quality in you, and at Bittium, you will be surrounded by like-minded people. At Bittium, you will get to do fluent and meaningful work where you can see your results and feel proud of what you have accomplished. You get the chance to show your skills and to constantly learn something new.

Whether or not you are an engineer, you can realise your full potential at Bittium. Roll up your sleeves and start working; use your competence and vision to reach - our shared goals.

With Us, Your Competence and Dreams Form the Core of Business

With us, your competence and dreams form the core of business. Our added value to our customers is the competence of our committed people and their ability to innovate. Our success depends on who we are; what kind of ideas and solutions we develop and the quality of the service we provide. Our best breakthroughs were created from individuals’ oversized dreams.

At the moment, Bittium creates products, systems and projects for various segments: defence and government organizations, medical products, data secure smart devices, base stations... Tomorrow and next year, we will do something that is completely new for us. Do you want to take part in influencing what we will do next?

Our Team Has Power

Do you know how much knowledge it requires to build a satellite phone? Our team has all that and more. We promise that you will find people among your colleagues whose competence and know-how deserve your admiration. We have both top experts of a single sector as well as wide-ranging application geniuses. We do not create only software; our strength lies in designing entire products and equipment.

Bittium has a strong team spirit and a ‘leave no man behind’ mentality. In working situations, this is manifested by offering and receiving help as well as sharing knowledge, among other things. When good team spirit, fluent and interesting project work with top technologies and the world’s most competent colleagues are combined, is there a better ground for your professional development?

Values Guiding the Work

Passion for Learning and Innovation

We are the pioneers of the wireless technologies providing our customers the best knowhow in the market. Our state-of-the-art technical knowledge is our competitive advantage – making us the most wanted partner.

Courage as Enabler

We have the courage to challenge our customers, suggest them new ideas and provide alternatives. We have the courage to respond to our customers´ even most challenging requirements.

Trust - the Cornerstone of Our DNA

We take the responsibility of keeping our promises and we deliver what we have promised. Our customer can trust that we respect the confidentiality in our relationship


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