Feel the bit.

Love the bit.

We do. We love our work and the idea that we can make a difference with our solutions that enable the future of connectivity. There are vast possibilities to create something ground breaking in the field of connectivity. Do you want to deepen your relationship with the bit to see the big picture?  If you do, you´ll love it here.

Sense the bit.

For us it all makes sense. By understanding what we can do with the bit we can create meaningful connections. The tasks we face every day are genuinely challenging and complex. We step out from the customary. We create solutions. We´re self-thinking, self-oriented, outside-the-box, outstanding professionals who get things done. It´s the attitude and ability to execute that makes sense. Does this make sense to you?

Live the bit.

We are motivated, encouraging and trustworthy – the best colleagues ever. We fill our days with intriguing tasks and projects. We want to enjoy life in full both when working and during our free time. We respect the people around us – our colleagues, friends and family. After the day is done we can go home content, knowing we´ve done our bit.

People behind the trusted connectivity.

What do we actually do? Our innovative products and customized solutions based on our product platforms and R&D services complementing our communications and connectivity solutions. We offer proven information security solutions for mobile devices and portable computers. Get to know a bit more about our people and everyday tasks via Veikko, Niina, Björn and Kaisa.

Jobs that inspire.


On this page are listed the open positions in the Bittium in Finland:


SW development





How to apply

For the specified openings (listed on left), please submit your application by completing the short form and attaching your CV and motivational letter in PDF or MS Word format. Your application will then reach the recruiting supervisor and you will be considered not just for the specific opening of interest but also for other suitable positions within our organization. A single application is enough – submit it to the position you are most interested in and we´ll take care of the rest.

For open applications and Bittium Talent – student recruit applications please use the specific forms below. By filling in basic information about your job area, expertise and preferred location, you ensure that your application reaches the right person in our organization without delay.

When applying for a position in Finland the language of your application and CV can be either in Finnish or English.

Are you using or email-services? Please note, that if you used or -address as your application contact information,  it is possible, that our replies or messages regarding your application status won´t reach you in that e-mail address. This is due to Microsoft´s e-mail service settings. However, if we want to invite you to an interview, we will call you or reach you in any means necessary!

Open possibilities

You can send us an open application, or if you are a student, send an Bittium Talent application and learn from the best in the field ­– see how we turn the impossible into an opportunity.