Windows System Specialist

Windows System Specialist

Bittium is a Finnish engineering company where we design our own products and carry out demanding R&D projects for our customers all over the globe. Our core competence is in secure wireless data transfer and designing complete products and low level software. Our customers trust us when they need products and solutions for medical and defense organizations, network operators and manufacturers.

We are now looking for new technical talents to strengthen our team; a Windows system specialist to support the R&D work of our tactical communications products and solutions. Here you will work with a team of competent professionals, contributing directly to Finnish national security.

We expect you to have previous experience in demanding specialist assignments. You have already participated in demanding technical implementations during your career and you know how to match the business requirements to the architectures at hand. You’re not afraid to question previous choices in implementation and you have capability to estimate long-term usability. You are quick in piecing together the dependencies between systems and you understand how important controlled change management is to business continuity. You have the ability to turn your observations into persevering environment development actions.

Your special area of expertise should be focused on server environments and Microsoft-based technologies but you are broad minded also towards other choices. It would be great if you already were familiar with auditing tool Katakri or if you had experience in evaluating different kinds of technical environments (especially on security level III).

We expect you to have strong skills in the following:

  • Enterprise virtual environments (e.g. VMware, Nutanix)
  • AD DS, PKI
  • PowerShell
  • Documentation
  • Basic understanding of telecommunications
  • Design, implementation, maintenance, troubleshooting, supervision and reporting of Microsoft-based solutions

Send your application already today; we’re contacting potential candidates even before the end of apply period.


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