Bittium is a Finnish engineering house where we design our own products as well as implement demanding R&D projects for our customer globally. We are especially good when it comes to secure wireless connectivity and developing complete products and low-level software. We value the trust of our customers from various branches; e.g. medical equipment, official authorities, defence organizations, network operators and device manufacturers.

If you ask a person what is best in their work at Bittium, almost everyone says ”the work is very versatile”. This means, that the projects and ventures are very versatile but also, that the way of work is rich and fluent. Here you can put your heart into your work, work with a great team in progressing pace and you can feel proud of what you have accomplished. Those individuals, who tend to look outside the box, think a bit bigger and are eager to get their voices and ideas heard seem to thrive here at Bittium. The hard core of our business is our staff’s skill and enthusiasm to create something new.

Another thing that gets named to be our strength by our staff, are the great and highly skilled colleagues. We take care of our staff and want to foster and enable the good team spirit to grow. Our work facilities are comfortable; we provide good ergonomics and decent tools. We provide good benefits, and great social happenings where people can get to know each other. As an employer we are fair and flexible, we make decision close and listening to the staff, with common sense.

Currently we are looking for more CI/Test automation/DevOps –professionals to work in our demanding and interesting projects in Oulu. For this position you can either have a solid background in the trade, or you can be a rising talent. In any case, you should possess at least 2-3 of the following qualities of skills:

  • Experience in agile software development projects
  • Experience in Devops area tools (e.g. Jenkins, Git)
  • Good programming and scripting skills
  • Good Linux knowledge
  • Server/Virtual server understanding
  • Experience in continuous integration, continuous deployment and test automation (e.g. Robot Framework)
  • Good communication and team working skills

And of course you will need the will an ability to work as a member in a team and fluency in written and spoken English. Send your application already today; we’re contacting potential candidates even before the end of apply period. Let us know what you have accomplished so far and what makes you exited in your work! Then let’s discuss what could be your future at Bittium.


SW development