Vulnerability Testing Lead

We are looking for a vulnerability testing lead to strengthen our security testing team located in Oulu. By vulnerability testing we mean a form of security testing that ensures that the security mechanisms of a product cannot be bypassed and its security cannot be compromised by other means. This would require understanding of key concepts of security, applying them the product requirements and coming up with creative solutions to identify potential vulnerabilities.

This is your opportunity to make a difference to our product security through your information security expertise, ideas and way of work. You will face versatile and challenging test targets as you and your team will bring your a-game and attempt to hack throughout Bittium’s Secure and Communications and Defence products portfolio. You will have a chance to bring out the best of the team through coaching but you should be also ready to get your hands dirty in the field of your special know-how.


  • Passion for information security
  • Understanding of information technologies
  • Knowledge of security testing tools and methods
  • Desire to develop one's skills and to motivate others

We appreciate the following experience and characteristics:
  • Penetration and security testing
  • Threat modelling and vulnerability assessment
  • Security code auditing
  • Cryptography and security controls
  • Android, Linux, web technologies or embedded and wireless systems
  • Respective certifications, courses and education
  • Product certification schemes
  • Hacker's mindset and related hobbyism

Contact person:
Category: Integration & Verification / Testing
Type: Full-time
Location: Oulu
Last apply date: 29.4.2019