Security Oriented Web Services Specialist

Bittium DevOps team has an opening for a security oriented web services specialist. We’re looking for someone who is a sovereign programmer and possesses versatile technological skill-set. We especially appreciate solid experience in software development, preferably in large complex environments. To really make a lasting impression you must be following the latest technologies and have a self-improvement attitude as part of your identity. Our ideal candidate for this opening is a person with knowledge from three different areas: Web services, Security and Databases.

In web services we expect that you have experience and knowledge in following competences: ASP.NET, xml, html, SOAP, Java, JavaScript, jQuery, REST, Python. Following tools and frameworks should be familiar to you: Jenkins, Docker, GitHub, Hadoop.

Regarding the Security aspect, in more detail we appreciate experience in topics like: Network security (Firewalls, IDS/IPS, Web layer security, private & Public subnets, VPN& IGW, IPSec/SSL/TLS), Data security (Encryption mechanisms, data availability&Integrity), User access mechanisms, Disaster recovery.

Additionally you should have experience in different databases, interfaces to them and related applications. We would appreciate familiarity with public & private clouds, software defined networks/computing/storage and load balancing. If you have experience from cloud computing and/or Artificial Intelligence (AI) that will definitely come handy as well.

To put all your amazing talents into use in a network of colleagues and partners you will need a decent set of social skills and you should able to communicate fluently in Finnish and English. To make your working life bearable among us you will need a sense of humor. We’re hoping for a colleague who shares our “to bravely go where no man has gone before” –attitude and our quest for customer satisfaction.

To balance the tough demands we have for the candidates we offer great jobs! You will work with top-notch technologies & tools with the best colleagues ever. This is your opportunity to grow into one of world leading specialists in this area.

Contact person:
Category: SW development
Type: Full-time
Location: Espoo, Kajaani, Oulu, Tampere
Last apply date: 28.5.2018