Security Specialists

We are looking for security specialists to our challenging telecom development projects. Generally in this role, you will be responsible for defining, designing, implementing and steering the security work. Even if the list below does not fit you as a glove, make the first contact and let's start the discussion on how our interests could meet.

What we appreciate in a candidate:

  • Strong hands on experience on telecom security architecture and requirement management, familiar with security requirements and standards, like FIPS or Common Criteria
  • Experience on hardware based cryptographic capabilities like Arm Trustzone or TPM
  • Experience from HW secure boot and secure flashing
  • Experience on secure applications or secure Android
  • Experience at least some of the following areas: Threat Analysis/Penetration testing/Security HW components/Cryptographic algorithms/Key management/Certificates/IPSEC/open SSL
  • Familiarity with device secure production
  • Fluency in written and spoken English
  • Natural curiosity and zest for the art of hacking

Contact person:
Category: SW development
Type: According to agreement
Location: Espoo, Oulu, Tampere
Last apply date: 2.10.2017