Senior Specialist  


“At the moment Im widening my competencies towards product management of large product families. My field of work covers system configuration management, all the way from software and documentation to equipment and mechanics.

Ive worked with SW configuration and SW integration. During the years Ive had many different roles and opportunities to learn more; Ive been SW Integrator and Build Manger, released SW packages to customers, and worked as Error Manager.

Versatility, new challenges and possibilities to affect the content of my work are important to me. My work here at Bittium has been dynamic and I have had enough of challenging tasks. When projects change, the tools, teams and roles change from time to time. That keeps me in a good flow and feeling energetic. Theres always something new behind the corner.

I get to learn more every day and put my skills to good use. For example now at my new assignment there is a flood of new information to process. Im good at managing large entities and I feel that Im in the right position where I can help and support my team. 

Its great to work with such skilled and motivated colleagues as I have here at Bittium. If you enjoy challenges and versatile tasks in a good company, I recommend Bittium for you also.