Project and Program Manager


"The joy of achievement in work is the most important thing for me. In my current job, I manage projects and programs together with team leaders and specialists. I like the challenges and problem solving in my work. I feel at my best when I can support and help my team in solving complex technical and project management challenges."

Health and happiness are important to me in life. Both of these are missing, if work and leisure are not balanced. Work requires flexibility from me, but correspondingly my work adapts to the requirements of my personal life. At Bittium, I can smoothly arrange my work to accommodate daily life with children and hobbies. So far, I have been able to agree about everything with the employer.  

I have responsibility in my work, but also freedom to do things the way I want. In my current job, I have also had the opportunity to develop Bittium's processes and practices. I think each day needs the spice of new challenges. Because my tasks vary, my days are not monotonous. Varying tasks have developed my ability to react in a rapidly changing environment into one of my strengths. During my career, I have also worked as an expatriate in the United States in the customer's premises. My responsibility there was project management and HW technical communication towards the customer.

Bittium can offer good jobs to new talents interested in the industry and to established specialists. The changing environment needs many kinds of enthusiastic workers. Experience is not necessarily the key, but motivation to learn new things and develop.