Senior Software Engineer  


"I work in mobile device software integration as a technical specialist. In my work, I have had the opportunity to observe as well as contribute to the huge development of mobile devices in recent years."

I like to work with challenging technical issues. At Bittium, tasks vary from design to practical implementation, i.e. coding, in different projects and various hardware and software environments. Variety suits me fine. It gives me a chance to see new technologies and new ways to apply existing technology. Diverse and varying tasks have increased my technical expertise at Bittium and I have learned to apply the best methods.
I'm systematic and I like solving problems. In my daily work, I can make use of my best skills and focus on what interests me. Bittium has also offered me many opportunities to work abroad. Through my work, I have become familiar with many international companies from the employee viewpoint.

Sometimes my work is very challenging, and schedules are extremely tight from time to time. Help is fortunately close at hand in a tight spot. We have good solidarity and high motivation. It's important for me to enjoy living with others. At Bittium it works. Many colleagues are good buddies also in leisure time.

I recommend Bittium to you, if you like technical challenges and want to develop yourself. I consistently expect a critical attitude from myself towards my work. There's always room for improvement.